My inner ongoing discourse: how should I visualise body ( and where?) to make it as incusive as possible?

I try to create a portrait of a person ( usually its a self portrait) not labeling them (not with gender, not with anything thats a social construct), not sexualising them ( I dont think that nudity its sexualisation, but unfortunately womxn are being quite often perceived and treated as a sexual objects by men. I do also paint and draw naked womxn (realistically displaying their body) - and there also I try to portrait womxn body in a natural, normal daily routine actions, that are made by them for them (taking away outer sexual aspect of naked womxn body).I use stereotypes to dismantle traditional thinking of femininity and show a stereotypically unstereeotypical image of a person.

In this series I create a hybrid thats a creature with paws and claws and my face. 2.jpg 2.jpg